Making the Fujifilm 35mm f/2 WR look good (The search for a nice Lens Hood)

I really like the 35mm f/2 Fuji lens. It is small, balances well with the X-T2 and is perfect for everyday shooting.

What I do not like, is the lens hood of it that comes with the lens. My biggest problem with it is the screw in type. As I often use filters (manly for protection of the front element) the hood stacks on top of that filter making it kind of weird looking. I do not understand the decision of Fuji to not make this one a bayonet mount.

Now – to solve this „issue“, there are several options. The cheap solutions are a wide range of „Ebay“-Hoods. These may look better, but most of these are screw-in type as well, helping not that much.

An alternative is the well known vented metal lens hood that comes from Fuji or third party manufacturers. It has a bayonet mount and can easily be used in combination with a filter.

This is indeed better, but I do not really like the looks. It makes the small lens a good bit larger and does not really fit the style, in my opinion. This depends on personal taste, of course, but is not for me.

A further option is the square lens hood manufactured by „Haoge“. I never tried that one out, but it is quite large as well and it does not protect the front element very well.

Finally, I found a solution! It is for sure, that this is mainly a question of taste, and kind of stupid to discuss such things, but in some way it bothered me. Until now.

For me, the best lens hood for the 35mm f/2 WR is the hood from the 23mm f/2 WR.

This is a small, bayonet hood, that does not add too much size to the lens. One can screw in a filter below the hood and the combination looks really good in my eyes. The lens stays compact and the overall appearance is really nice.

What do you think?

Stupid problem or perfect solution?

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